These cartoons were a pleasant surprise me, I never thought that after reading the book and make two strips just to play the idea was to expand both. The first two were sent to my friend Marina Castro stated that I send to Foforks. I sent along with an illustration of the manga Bela and Ed thought that the illustration manga would be well commented and just did not expect anything of the strips in addition to being killed for making fun of the book.

It was quite the contrary, the cartoons were a hit and illustration lost in a vacuum. For comments on the strips one thing was certain, all there and wanted more strips Prih contacted me over a year and am on the staff of Foforks and making the strips. These early did not have a very definite mark, the characters were still taking shape, they were born, and the chronological order was not then as I thought it would be something temporary did not think to follow a time line, have fun with Eclipse even before scenes satirizing New Moon.
Later I began to follow the chronology in strips. You can start reading from first to last posted here, are in the order they were produced. This "first season" has 22 strips..